Minutes MMR Meeting 2011-09-01

Minutes for delayed 2010 MMR board meeting 2011-09-01

Seated Members of the board
Tom Kozlovsky
Eric Howland
Robert Park
Lindy Anderson
Rob Hecimovich
Warren Keapproth

Election of Officers
Chair - Lindy
Secretary - Rob
President - Eric
Treasure - Tom

We discussed but did not seat a Member at Large.

Relocating station to new location and tower. The consensus was to move forward. Eric Reported on conversations with the city indicating that we will not have to abide by property boundary rules, but we will have to file formal plans and they will be focused on if the tower is well built.

  • Elliot - did the design on the old application
  • Lindy will ask about tower sections
  • Norm has previously stated he will ask Tom Adams about tower sections.
  • Ask Doleta to ask again about removing tower.

EAS Unit.

Current rules require new equipment by end of Sept. There may be a extension by the FCC. [Note: After this meeting an extension was granted to all stations until next June]

Next Meeting Nov 8th.