Minutes for MMR annual board meeting 2011-11-07

Seated Members of the board

Tom Kozlovsky
Eric Howland
Robert Park
Lindy Anderson
Rob Hecimovich
Warren Keapproth

Election of Officers

Chair - Eric
Secretary - Rob
President - Lindy
Treasurer - Tom

We continued to discuss, but did not seat a Member at Large.

Open Source CAP programing
We discussed participating in the Open Source CAP project proposed by Al Davis. We developed the following questions.

Is it happening?
How many people have signed up so far?
What is the Time Frame for this project?
Is it going to be a KickStarter project?
Is there going to be one project or split between developing equipment and getting FCC approval.


Approved changes to Section 0.02 so it now reads:
Date of annual directors' meeting (See Section 2.03) will be set by the board in the last quarter of the fiscal year.

Approved change to Section 0.04 so it now reads:
Authorized number of directors (See Section 2.02):______Seven (7) _______(composed of 3 from Madison Christian LPFM Radio (MCLR doing business as SoulWIDE Radio ) and 3 from Madison Non-Profit LPFM Radio (MNLR doing business as CityWIDE Radio) and 1 at large).
Motion for both changes moved by Lindy, seconded by Tom


We discussed the plan to set up a tower on Standish Court.