Radio Council to Meet at Transmitter Wed. Dec. 7

If you read about WIDE-LP in the Nov. 18 Isthmus cover story and were wondering "how can I get involved", here is your chance. CityWIDE Radio has an advisory Radio Council to provide citizen input on our programming and to help with community outreach. The Council's first meeting in some time is coming up next week. It will be at 7 pm at 5610 Hammersley Road, which is the home of the Program Director, Bob Park. It is also the location of the garage where our transmitter is currently located, so you will have a chance to see what hardware it takes to run a low power station.

The meeting is open to any and all interested members of the public, but if you are not currently on the Radio Council email list please call Bob at 273-8775 to let him know you are coming.