Schedule Changes for 2012

The following CityWIDE Radio schedule changes are being made for the new year, effective 1/2/2012:

Talk shows:
Matt Rothschild's "Progressive Radio" show (which he posts each Monday on the web) is moving from Friday to Tuesday.
"Culture Shocks," heard Tuesday - Thursday in 2011, is shifting to Wednesday - Friday.
The Friday Wider Horizons program, which in 2011 was "Topics in Evolutionary Science" during the academic year and "Ask a Biologist" during the summer, will become the "Natural Sciences Hour." This will combine Ask a Biologist programs with other science programs, including lectures on evolution-related topics for Darwin Day in February.
The "Early and Bright Kids Hour," with stories and music for young listeners on Saturday morning, is moving from the 7-8 am hour to the 8-9 am hour. (The hour of Beatles music which follows will now be from 9-10 am.)

A new music program, "Almost All A Cappella", will be broadcast Saturday mornings from 11 am until noon. You'll hear a lot of college a cappella groups along with groups that do it professionally, sometimes including groups that cross the line by adding an instrument or two for some of their songs. Also new on our music schedule is a program with a DJ. From 4 to 5 pm each Saturday David Fox has a new show in which he traces the musical history of a selected artist or band, with selections from their early music, mid-career music and most recent music. David is calling his show "Super Happy Fun Time."

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