LPFM Mini-Summit Sept. 20

Following up on the national Grassroots Radio Conference 2014 in Ames IA Aug. 14-17 which several of us attended, we have scheduled a meeting from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday Sept. 20 for all low power radio folks, present or future, from the greater Madison area. The Evjue Youth Room at the Lussier Community Education Center, 55 S. Gammon Rd on Madison's west side (just north of Memorial High School) has been reserved for us.

The meeting will give those of us who attended the national conference in Iowa a chance to share what we found most valuable for our separate LPFM stations, and those who did not attend a chance to ask questions which one of us might be able to answer. It will also give folks from each of the 5 stations which currently holds an FCC construction permit a chance to report its progress to date. Finally, it will give new and potential station volunteers a chance to learn something about LPFM radio in general and volunteer opportunities in the Madison area in particular.

The proposed locations for the new stations range from Gammon Road on Madison's west side to Sun Prairie. For maps showing location and projected coverage of these stations go to http://lpfm.madisonwi.us/. If you want to help one of these new LPFM stations get on the air and plan to attend our mini-summit, please RSVP to city@widelp.org.


Todd Fisher Wallin

One of the participants in this Mini-Summit, Todd Fisher Wallin, died 7/29/17 after a tragic fall.