LPFM radio shoptalk session in Milwaukee April 30

LPFM stations around Wisconsin, on the air or being planned, are invited to a free "LPFM radio shoptalk" session, 9-11 am on Thur. April 30 at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, 509 W. Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee.

LPFM radio shoptalk. Join seasoned radio veterans and new LPFM licensees to talk about the nuts and bolts of erecting a new radio station - developing programs and audiences, understanding FCC rules and music licensing, making key equipment choices, fundraising successfully, and expanding into Internet radio.
Facilitator: to be announced; Presenters: Erik Mollberg, Assistant Manager, Access Fort Wayne (IN) and Station Manager for WELT-LP; Andy Radig, Operations Specialist, Oshkosh Community Media Services and WOCT 101.9; Xav LaPlae, Station Manager, Riverwestradio.com; Eric Howland, CityWIDE Radio Board Vice-Chair.

This session will precede a Wisconsin Community Media spring conference. If you can come, please use the link to the online registration form that they have provided at http://www.wisconsincommunitymedia.com/, at the lower left hand corner of the paragraph titled "LPFM stations meet at conference."