Be a guest host for Musical Time Machine

A program featured on WIDE-LP radio in the past that will reappear in January is Musical Time Machine. The 32 artists or groups that have been previously featured can be seen at The idea is to feature a different group each week that has been producing albums for more than a decade. The station is looking for guest hosts to do enough new shows to fill out 2021 in combination with the old shows. The shows will air Sunday evenings from 7 to 8 pm (with more time available if needed).

If you might be interested in doing the commentary for a show on a favorite artist or group of your choosing, contact the station at to learn more. The station's growing electronic music library can be seen by clicking the Our Music Library link in the left column. You would just need to pick a few songs showing early, mid-career and more recent examples of your group's work and record your comments that would air before and/or after the songs. The station will put the playlist together combining your comments with the songs from our library (or from your own CD collection).