About City Wide LPFM

Organizational Chart In 2001 the FCC accepted applications for Low Power FM (LPFM) stations. According to the LPFM rules as mandated by congress and implemented by the FCC the central Madison area only had one available frequency. Seven organizations applied for this frequency and were given rotating construction permits. These organizations fell into two groups, Christian church organizations and nonprofit organizations. In order to facilitate cooperation among these groups, the nonprofits and Christian organizations have incorporated representative groups. The Christian organizations initially formed Madison Christian LPFM Radio, Inc (MCLR) (later renamed Soul Wide) and the nonprofits formed City Wide LPFM Radio, Inc. All of the original applicants requested that the FCC allow these two organizations to share the single frequency by dividing the broadcast day between the two groups.

The two original applicants have also created a daughter organization, Madison Mainstream Radio (MMR), to own and operate the transmitter and antenna. This organization does not create any of the programs broadcast by the station but limits itself to tasks that are common to the two organizations including holding the license and call letters (WIDE-LP) isssued by the FCC and owning the transmitter. The board of MMR is nominated by the two parent organizations (MCLR and City Wide) and the funding for MMR comes from the two parent organizations.