Dear Madison

We are a brand new radio station which means we have a short history and an ambitious agenda.

We received a license by the Federal Communications Commission a scant two years ago. Our license was granted to Madison Mainstream Radio and City Wide is one of two partners in Madison Mainstream Radio. Our Call Letters are WIDE-LP FM and boast (future tense) of being city-wide and low power.

Our purpose is to serve the community on a neighborhood level. As a community we know and have much information on issues of national import. But where do we go for data on the citizen impact when a neighborhood movie theater disappears, a bus changes its route; a supermarket moves or to hear information from local nonprofit organizations? Where do you hear the voices and music generated by youth? Who broadcasts a kid's joy about hot cocoa on a cold day? Who speaks to the Latina mother isolated in her apartment with a new baby? Can the corporate culture carry these concerns or must we create new structures?

WIDE-LP FM has the promise of $1000 for a transmitter and donated rental for a radio tower.

We need:

About $4,000 more for equipment and music license fees.
Contacts with organizations and groups that want to create great radio.
Volunteers to work on organizing all of the above.

Contact us/donate at our new Web site:
Tax deductible checks can be made out to City Wide LPFM c/o Lussier Teen Center.

Thank you for your consideration

The City Wide Board