Studio Automation

Here is a list of station automation software (and the stations that use the software) that was collected by Jeff Shaw. Jeff is creating a guide to automation for the Prometheus Web site.

KVLP-LP (dvd)
WBCR-LP (megaseg)
KRFP-LP (winamp +)
WRYR-LP in South Arundel (iTunes +)
WSLR-LP (megaseg)
KREV-LP (mac)
KDRT-LP (rivendell)

SAMbroadcaster (campcaster)

BSI Simian

Not free, but looks pretty good. Well recomended, and not nearly as expensive as some other commercial systems. And it is all integrated into one system. Not a user yet, we don't have our station up yet, but this is what we're leaning toward.

Zara Radio is cool but is driving me crazy.

I really like the usability of Zara Radio. Plays your music from your file system, no making another copy of all your music and importing it into another database/central storage, easy to set up station IDs, nice graphical interface.

But It is driving me crazy that Zararadio will not recognise the microphone. I am running in a single sound card situation so that might be part of the problem. BUT IT WON'T WORK - for me.