CityWide Board Meeting held 4/23/09 at WORT

Decisions from 2009-04-23 CityWide Board meeting
A. Transfer registered agent from Lea Zeldin to Tom Kozlovsky but keep the post office box as the mailing address.
B. Hold a meeting on April 30, 2009 at 10:30 AM at 517 N. Segoe Rd. for the purpose of amending the bylaws and electing directors.
C. Accept proposal by Bob Park to open a twitter account for CityWIDE.

Other notes:

A. Registered Agent
1. Need Registered Agent – Can only send to the PO box if registered agent is in the same zip code.
2. If we change the registered agent we need to refile our articles of incorporation within 20 days.
3. There is no fee to change the Registered Agent. - Tom i

B. Nominations for board of directors:
1. Bob Park
2. David Pouncey (nominated but has not consented to serve).
3. Mary Somers
4. Steve Blank
5. Tom Kozlovsky
6. Eric Howland

C. Change Bylaws
Should the role of the Radio Council be in the bylaws?