Minutes CityWIDE Board Meeting 2005-05-05

Minutes 2009-05-05 CityWIDE
Present: Tom Kozlovsky, Eric Howland , Bob Park and Mary Somers

1.Change Bylaws

2.PO box
A.We resolve to invite Health Writers to share our PO box and to pay 1/3 of the costs. Bob moves, Mary seconds. Eric and Tom recuse themselves. Motion passes.

3.Tax Issues:
A. Mary has checked with IRS and finds that we have to file a 990-N, but we do not have to pay taxes if we receive less than $5,000. Mary will file the 990-N.

4.Invite SoulWIDE to be part of our twitter account.
A.Tom moves that we invite SoulWIDE to be part of our Twitter account. Mary Seconds, Passed.

5.Health Writers
A. Eric moves that a Friday slot be reserved for Heath Writers shows after Wider Horizons. Tom seconds. Passes.

A.Training needs to include on-air presentation.
B. Use our training money for a Mennonite Volunteer Service worker? We have decided to interview this person, but have not made a decision to move forward.

Schedule of next meeting Tuesday May 26th 7:00 pm CSCI building