Lee Rayburn on WIDE-LP Feb. 1

CityWIDE Radio is pleased to announce Lee Rayburn's return to the air waves, in at least our southwest corner of Madison. Starting Monday Feb. 1st we will be broadcasting his "Five Minutes Forward" 4 days a week, Mon. - Thur. at 6:55 pm. Now (if you're are close enough to our transmitter on Hammersley Rd near Whitney Way) you will have a good reason to turn on your radio when the News Hour on PBS ends 5 min. before the 7 pm TV shows come on. These 5 min. newscasts can also be heard online at http://forwardnews.org/author/leerayburn/, on the Forward News Network website Lee and John Quinlan are developing. Unfortunately Lee notified us on 3/15/10 that he would have to discontinue the Five Minutes Forward newscasts, and they were removed from the schedule.
You can follow developments such as this on our Twitter page at http://twitter.com/wide_lp .