News from FCC

On Friday we got some generally good news from the FCC. The good news (which actually came in a day or so before) is that when they grant our license to go on the air it will be a renewable license. There was one thought that we would have to do a separate process to be granted renewable status. A good deal of the last year has been spent ensuring that this would happen, so getting this status was not a surprise, but it is going to be more seamless than we thought.

But the news we got on Friday (actualy a clarification) is that while our construction permit is fulfilled, we cannot go on the air before that license is granted (which is not true of other stations in a less complex regulatory situation).

When the license will be granted is not clear. But it might be as early as this week (last week in Sept). On the other hand, it might not be granted until some time in October.

cityWIDE nearing program broadcasting

On the weekend of September 22nd early October we will fire up our transmitter. At the start we will mostly have station IDs and music. This is not unlike the other LPFM station in the greater Madison area (WIXL-LP 97.1 Lake City Church Inc.). For what it is worth, the WIXL signal sounds great on the West side which some thought would be too far to hear.

Dear Madison

We are a brand new radio station which means we have a short history and an ambitious agenda.

We received a license by the Federal Communications Commission a scant two years ago. Our license was granted to Madison Mainstream Radio and City Wide is one of two partners in Madison Mainstream Radio. Our Call Letters are WIDE-LP FM and boast (future tense) of being city-wide and low power.

About City Wide LPFM

Organizational Chart In 2001 the FCC accepted applications for Low Power FM (LPFM) stations. According to the LPFM rules as mandated by congress and implemented by the FCC the central Madison area only had one available frequency. Seven organizations applied for this frequency and were given rotating construction permits. These organizations fell into two groups, Christian church organizations and nonprofit organizations.

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