Topics in Evolutionary Science returns

Madison public schools are now back in session, and with that change CityWIDE Radio returns to our pre-vacation schedule for Fridays, which means airing "Topics in Evolutionary Science" at 10 am and 5 pm each Friday. If you enjoyed "Ask A Biologist" in that time slot during the summer, drop us a note at Depending on listener interest, we could schedule that program at a different time.

Summer series "Ask A Biologist" will air on Fridays

Starting Friday 6/17 the Wider Horizons program airing at 10am & 5pm each Friday during the summer will be "Ask A Biologist" instead of the usual "Topics in Evolutionary Science". Most of the latter programs were talks given to scientifically sophisticated college level audiences. "Ask A Biologist", a podcast series created at Arizona State University, is appropriate for a general audience and is aimed in particular at pre-college students through grade 12. It will continue through Madison public school's summer vacation period.

Hear Democracy Now! evenings from WIDE-LP

Starting Monday March 7, CityWIDE Radio will broadcast the day's Democracy Now! ( program at 8 pm each weekday. Tune in to hear the news about the protests in Madison that the mainstream media pays little attention to. Also click the Talk Shows link at the top of the page for links to other protest-related programs that are being carried during previously established talk show times.

Local Community Radio Act signed Jan. 4 by President Obama

In a long sought move, the Local Community Radio Act has become law. It is expected to significantly increase the number of Low Power FM stations and the number of LPFM listeners. Read about it in the Jan. 10 article at

Schedule Changes for 2011

As of Jan. 1, 2011, the following changes in talk show schedules take effect:
CounterSpin podcasts (made available weekly by Friday morning) will continue to be broadcast Saturday at 12:30 pm, but the repeat will move from the following Thursday to Monday at 4:30 pm.
Culture Shocks will continue to air 3 times a week, but will move from Monday - Wednesday to Tuesday - Thursday at 4:20 pm.
The Wider Horizons Saturday Encores at 10 am will be discontinued.
The Best of Talk will move from 9 am to 10 am Saturday mornings.

Peoples' Media Mash Sept. 9th

The WIDE-LP partners (CityWIDE and SoulWIDE) are among the sponsors of the People's Media Mash coming up Thursday Sept. 9 at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E. Washington in Madison. It's a pre-party for Fighting Bob Fest at the Sauk County Fairground in Baraboo on Sat. Sept. 11. The public is invited, so join us, Madison's community of independent media organizations and media activists, for an evening of music, dancing, food, and speakers celebrating non-profit media as a force for democracy and social justice in greater Madison. Doors open at 6:30, first band at 7 pm.

Color Coded Schedule

We have a new week-at-a-glance schedule which uses color coding for our music. Click the WIDE Schedule link at upper right.

First Year at Full Power

For WIDE's first several months of broadcasting in southwest Madison we operated at about half power. It was not until about April 18 last year that we had installed the equipment needed to operate at our full FCC permitted power of 100 watts. So we have just reached the one year milestone of for full power operation, as we are getting the wheels turning for relocation to a higher tower in a more central location.

CityWIDE Radio Board meeting

The next meeting of the CityWIDE Radio Board will be on Friday April 9 at 4:30 pm on the 2nd floor of the CSCI building, 517 N Segoe Rd. We have a lot to talk about, including ideas for relocation of our transmitter and tower to a more central location within our FCC approved corridor.

Hear Skeptoid on WIDE-LP starting Friday

"Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena" is a weekly pro-science, anti-pseudoscience podcast created by Brian Dunning ( You can hear these 10-15 min. programs at 4:15 pm every Friday on WIDE starting Feb. 26, 2010. They will be followed by Jim Hightower's 2 min. commentaries and Matt Rothschild's half hour Progressive Radio Show.

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