Minutes 2009-06-16 CityWIDE Board meeting

Present: Tom Kozlovsky, Eric Howland , Bob Park  and Mary Somers


a. Pursue connection to WYFC
b .Club TNT
c. Meadowood – Radio program

Next meeting July 28th, 2009 4:00pm CSCI building 517 N Segoe Rd.

The Progressive Radio Show on WIDE

Starting June 15, 2009, we are broadcasting The Progressive Radio Show from the Progressive Magazine each weekday, 4:30 to 5 pm. In these podcasts from http://www.progressive.org/radioweekly, Progressive editor Matt Rothschild interviews leading activists, scholars, and artists who are making the world a better place. For now you will hear this month's guests on Mondays, last month's guests on Tuesdays, guests from 2 months ago on Wednesday, 3 months ago on Thursdays and 4 months ago on Fridays. To follow who Matt will be interviewing next follow our Tweets at http://twitter.com/WIDE_LP.

CityWIDE has been Twittering

We have a Twitter account where highlights of CityWIDE programing are being posted from time to time. To see highlights since late April, visit https://twitter.com/WIDE_LP. You can get an RSS feed of future updates by clicking on the orange button on the right on the Twitter page.

Minutes CityWIDE Board Meeting 2005-05-05

Minutes 2009-05-05 CityWIDE
Present: Tom Kozlovsky, Eric Howland , Bob Park and Mary Somers

1.Change Bylaws

2.PO box
A.We resolve to invite Health Writers to share our PO box and to pay 1/3 of the costs. Bob moves, Mary seconds. Eric and Tom recuse themselves. Motion passes.

3.Tax Issues:
A. Mary has checked with IRS and finds that we have to file a 990-N, but we do not have to pay taxes if we receive less than $5,000. Mary will file the 990-N.

4.Invite SoulWIDE to be part of our twitter account.

CityWide Board elections held 4/30/09

At a meeting on April 30 the following were elected to the CityWide Board of Directors: Eric Howland (chair), Bob Park (vice chair), Mary Somers (treasurer), Steve Blank (secretary) and Tom Kozlovsky.
The new Board tentatively set May 5th to meet again.

CityWide Board Meeting held 4/23/09 at WORT

Decisions from 2009-04-23 CityWide Board meeting
A. Transfer registered agent from Lea Zeldin to Tom Kozlovsky but keep the post office box as the mailing address.
B. Hold a meeting on April 30, 2009 at 10:30 AM at 517 N. Segoe Rd. for the purpose of amending the bylaws and electing directors.
C. Accept proposal by Bob Park to open a twitter account for CityWIDE.

Other notes:

A. Registered Agent
1. Need Registered Agent – Can only send to the PO box if registered agent is in the same zip code.

Refurbished transmitter arrives

The new transmitter that Eric bought on ebay has arrived! Once we get it installed, we can finally begin broadcasting at a full 100 watts of power.

Lea Zeldin, Dies at 80

Lea Zeldin, one of the founders and moving forces behind CityWIDE died last week.
The family invites Lea's friends from throughout the community to a memorial on Saturday, April 11th beginning at 5pm, at the Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St. in Madison. The memorial will begin with a potluck. Bring your favorite dish for Lea who so loved great food and conversation. (Beverages will be provided by the family.)
She will be so missed.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 3/21/09

Special Programming for the United Nations
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
on WIDE-LP on March 21, 2009
in cooperation with the
Radio Voices Without Frontiers (RVSF)
2009 one day broadcast campaign (http://rvsf.amarc.org/index.php?l=EN)

Midnight - 8 am: "The Souls of Black Folk" by W.E.B. Du Bois (from http://librivox.org/souls-of-black-folks-by-web-du-bois/), to be rebroadcast in serial form weekdays at noon starting on March 23.

Radio Council Feb 19th, 7:30 pm at CSCI building

At our Feb. 19 meeting we talked about progress in getting a Linux program working which might take over broadcast operations from the Windows program we are now using, Zara Radio. We also talked about scheduling a Health Writers On the Air program which Eric had edited from its WORT version for broadcast on WIDE. Then we arranged to meet at the WSUM (UW student radio station) open house on campus Feb. 20, and made plans to attend the Feb. 23 open house of the new Meadowood Neighborhood Center not far from our transmitter location in southwest Madison.

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