Peoples' Media Mash Sept. 9th

The WIDE-LP partners (CityWIDE and SoulWIDE) are among the sponsors of the People's Media Mash coming up Thursday Sept. 9 at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E. Washington in Madison. It's a pre-party for Fighting Bob Fest at the Sauk County Fairground in Baraboo on Sat. Sept. 11. The public is invited, so join us, Madison's community of independent media organizations and media activists, for an evening of music, dancing, food, and speakers celebrating non-profit media as a force for democracy and social justice in greater Madison. Doors open at 6:30, first band at 7 pm.

Color Coded Schedule

We have a new week-at-a-glance schedule which uses color coding for our music. Click the WIDE Schedule link at upper right.

First Year at Full Power

For WIDE's first several months of broadcasting in southwest Madison we operated at about half power. It was not until about April 18 last year that we had installed the equipment needed to operate at our full FCC permitted power of 100 watts. So we have just reached the one year milestone of for full power operation, as we are getting the wheels turning for relocation to a higher tower in a more central location.

CityWIDE Radio Board meeting

The next meeting of the CityWIDE Radio Board will be on Friday April 9 at 4:30 pm on the 2nd floor of the CSCI building, 517 N Segoe Rd. We have a lot to talk about, including ideas for relocation of our transmitter and tower to a more central location within our FCC approved corridor.

Hear Skeptoid on WIDE-LP starting Friday

"Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena" is a weekly pro-science, anti-pseudoscience podcast created by Brian Dunning ( You can hear these 10-15 min. programs at 4:15 pm every Friday on WIDE starting Feb. 26, 2010. They will be followed by Jim Hightower's 2 min. commentaries and Matt Rothschild's half hour Progressive Radio Show.

Lee Rayburn on WIDE-LP Feb. 1

CityWIDE Radio is pleased to announce Lee Rayburn's return to the air waves, in at least our southwest corner of Madison. Starting Monday Feb. 1st we will be broadcasting his "Five Minutes Forward" 4 days a week, Mon. - Thur. at 6:55 pm. Now (if you're are close enough to our transmitter on Hammersley Rd near Whitney Way) you will have a good reason to turn on your radio when the News Hour on PBS ends 5 min. before the 7 pm TV shows come on. These 5 min.

Article about WIDE-LP in neighborhood newsletter.

The current issue of the Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association newsletter, The Grapevine, includes a short article about our station on page 7. The newsletter is available online at

WIDE-LP story in Orchard Ridge neighborhood

The WIDE-LP story through our first year of broadcasting in the Orchard Ridge neighborhood in southwest Madison has now been posted at If you live in or near the Orchard Ridge neighborhood, we are eager for your feedback, including: reception reports; programming ideas; neighborhood news; even ideas for moving the transmitter and antenna to higher ground to improve our range. CityWIDE volunteers can be reached via the Contact Us link in the left column.

CityWIDE Radio meets with Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association

Bob and Eric are attending the monthly meeting of the Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association Board on Nov. 15, at the invitation of the Board president. The meeting is at 6:30 pm at the Meadowood Community Center on Raymond Road where Whitney Way crosses it. The meeting is open to the public, and anyone interested in hearing about WIDE-LP is invited to attend.

One year of broadcasting in southwest Madison

Today is Sept. 28, 2009, which marks one year since WIDE began broadcasting from the Hammersley Road garage of CityWIDE Radio Program Director Bob Park. Prior to that we had done two weeks of test broadcasting with rented equipment in October of 2007 from the home of CityWIDE Radio Technical Director Eric Howland on Gregory Street.

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